The Misadventures of Millicent Madding: Bully-Be-Gone (Book 1)

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Reader reviewed by Lizzie

Millicent Madding is about to start the new school year at Winifred T. Langley Middle School. Theres just one problem with this- the school bullies will not leave her, or her friends in the Wunderkind club alone! Millicent is an inventor. She lives with her inventor uncle, since her parents (also inventors) disappeared in a time machine when she was little. Being an inventor, Millicent decides to invent Bully-Be-Gone, a bully repellent. Unfortunately, the slick blue gel does the exact opposite. The bullies are now in love with the Wunderkinder, and the Wunderkinder are no longer in love with Millicent. While she is working on the antidote, Uncle Phineas accidentally mixes the Bully-Be-Gone with very old, expired cologne. This scent travels all the way to the next city and attracts his long lost wife, Felicity, who is suffering from amnesia after being shot out of a circus tent by a faulty cannon. With her memory regained, she starts the journey back home to reunite with her husband after 20 years.

Bully-Be-Gone is the perfect childrens novel. It has good moral, its the perfect length, and its lots of fun! I really enjoyed it, and the sequel is even better. A lot of it had me laughing out loud. I just wish her parents would come back from wherever they are stuck. Hopefully there will be a third book, and that plot will be resolved. I would recommend definitely recommend this book.
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