Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days!

Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days!
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April 19, 1982
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One day at the library, a book falls off the top shelf and hits Milo on the head. It's called Be a Perfect in Just Three Days The book's author, Dr. K. Pinkerton Silverfish, doesn't look too perfect himself, In the picture on the back cover he's wearing a clown nose, and mustard is dripping down his chin. Milo figures the boor is worth a try anyway. Perfect is obviously the perfect thing to be But who's ever heard of wearing a stalk of broccoli around your neck for twenty-four hours? And that's only the first day....

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Pretty silly with a good message
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Reader reviewed by Dede

Milo doesn't want to be anything except perfect. He has a snotty older sister and he is clumsy. So when the book "Be a perfect person in 3 days" falls on his head while he's looking at monster books at the library, he decides to check it out and give it a shot. The author is Dr. Silverfish, and his picture in the book leaves much to be desired and throughout the book as Milo reads, the Dr. seems to Milo to be able to read his thoughts. The first couple of pages warn him not to flip to the end, and when Milo does, it's a page that tells him he didn't listen and to go back to the beginning. For the next three days, the book has Milo doing all sorts of weird things, but for a purpose. Milo learns that being perfect isn't all he dreamed.
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