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Reader reviewed by Dede

Just So Stories is a collection of short stories that are silly, fun to read, and very imaginative. They all involve animals and explains (not seriously) what made them the way they are. At the end of each short story is a silly poem about the story. In "How the Camel Got his Hump" we learn about when the world was "still new and all" and how the animals all worked, except the camel, who when asked to help in the desert, would reply with a "humph" and walk away. One day a desert djinn shows up and the other desert animals tells him that the camel won't help and the djinn goes to talk to him and the camel just keeps replying "humph" to everything the djinn says to him. So the djinn gives him a humph, which is later called a hump so as not to hurt the camels feelings.
We also learn that the elephant didn't always have a long nose. There was once a child elephant who was full of "'satiable curtiosity" and asked questions all of the time, which got him spanked by his parents, uncles, aunts, etc. He wanted to know what the crocodile ate and noone would tell him so he went to find a crocodile to ask. He finds one and the crocodile tricks him into get close enough to grab the elephants small puggish nose. They get into a tug of war fight with the nose, which becomes stretched out. The elephant wins and on the way home he finds ways the new nose is better than the old one: hitting flies off of himself, grabbing food, and spanking all of those who had spanked him.
This book is a fun imaginative way to pass some time. Even my younger kids enjoyed it and found the humor in it.
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