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The Candy Shop War=THE BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!
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Reader reviewed by Emma

        In the page-turning book, The Candy Shop War, Brandon Mull brings to life Nate, a boy joins a club called the Blue Falcons. The club consists of Summer, Nate, Trevor, and Pigeon. When a new candy shop opens, they are dieing to find out what candy it serves. But this candy shop isn't a normal candy serves magic candy, such as moon rocks that can make you jump so high, shock bits that can let you be able to shock people, and much, much more. Mrs. White, the owner, has the Blue Falcons do many missions to have them earn that candy. But when one mission goes to far, they decide to quit, which leaves their complete enemies open for the job......and they take it. The Blue Falcons soon find out that Mrs. White is against their favorite man, who is a wizard, too. They are both fighting for a key to eternal youth, but soon, the battle goes to far, and it is up to the Blue Falcons to fix it.
         I recommend this book to kids ages 10 and up because at some parts, it is a little scary and confusing in some parts. I think the author did a lot of things well, but mostly they had very good word choice, such as consume and taint. I think the author could have made it less confusing at some parts, such as when Nate is traveling through time. Overall, I would rate this book at a 5 because I thought it was the best book ever. The Candy Shop War is a very good book and will leave you hanging off the edge of your seat the whole time!
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