The Black Stallion and Flame

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Reader reviewed by Sylvie

Hello. My name is Sylvie Hudson, and i just read a GREAT horse book. It is within the BLACK STALLION series. It is called, THE BLACK STALLION AND FLAME. Here is the summary.

THE BLACK STALLION AND FLAME is about a boy and his famous horse THE BLACK STALLION. One day in a plane crash, Alec (the boy) and his horse are separated. While the boy and the pilot, wandering around in the sea, The BLACK finds his way to the legend island Azule Isle. There he meats up with the ISLAND STALLION, and a fight begans. The fight between the two, will last for days, and boath horses are set on KILLING the other. Only one can survive, Who?

I mentioned the ISLAND STALLION in the review, and oddly enough, There is truely a book called THE ISLAND STALLION. It is about a boy named Stephen and how he finds a wild STALLION named flame on Azule Isle. Can he train flame, or will his dream horse become a dream.

Thanks: Sylvie
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