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So Much More Than it Seems!
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Reader reviewed by Julie M. Prince

Maggies story. Its what I immediately think of as I sit to write about Linda Sue Parks latest release, Keeping Score.

I could say the story is about baseball, or about scoring baseball. I could say its about the effects of the Korean Warexcuse meconflict, as its known when this story takes place. I could say its about a girl in Brooklyn and her family, or about her relationship with one man who changed her life and how she wants nothing more than to do the same for him.

The fact is that Linda Sue Park took all of these elements and more and wove them into Maggies story. There isnt an easy way to describe it except that its meaningful. Maggie is exceptional in so many ways, not the least of which is her honesty. Where so many of us would lie to ourselves about how we feel and what we care about, Maggie is only truthful, even when it hurts.

Watching her struggle with issues most adults cringe at is like feeling all over again that sense of humanity we get when we realize that we affect the world around us in subtle ways. You know that feeling of stepping over the threshold between childhood and adulthood? Thats what this book conjures, along with the all the emotions that come with it. Pride, fear, excitement, independence. Thats a lot to pack into one little book. Thats what makes Linda Sue Park special, just like Maggie-o.

Off to Turn Another Page....
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