Frozen Summer (Remembrance "Mem" Nye #2)

Frozen Summer (Remembrance "Mem" Nye #2)
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November 15, 1998
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It's 1816 and Remembrance "Mem" Nye and her family are going through a cold, hard summer in their new home in western New York. There's barely any food since Papa's crops were destroyed by the late season frosts. Mem's mama has never gotten used to their new home. It's even harder for her to cope after she gives birth to baby Lily. Papa puts Mem in charge of caring for the baby, her younger brother, and their sick Mama. Though Mem struggles, it's hard to do the chores and watch them every moment. Then the worst happens . . . one stormy night Mama and Lily are gone.

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Reader reviewed by Mairi

Remembrance Nye is still adjusting to life in western New York, but she is a strong girl. Her father is certain she will make it- it is Mem's mother, Aurelia, who has just given birth to a baby girl and began slipping into "spells" that they worry about. When it snows in summer, the crops fail and a woman named Mrs. Foster shows up, preaching repentance to a frightened Aurelia and showing Mem that frontier life is far from the bliss her father spoke of.

This is the second book out of three and, though I have read them all, I did so in a rather roundabout way: reading half of the first, then finishing it only when I received the third book as a gift from the wonderful tooth fairy. I then requested that the library get a copy of the second book. It did, and then I went on to read the third book- all this nearly five years ago.

As I have recently read several books from when I was younger and found them to be not quite as good as I remembered them, I was delighted to find that Mem was still a sympathetic character and her plight still believable.
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