The Invisible Rules of the Zoe Lama

The Invisible Rules of the Zoe Lama
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July 19, 2007
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If you are one of Zoë’s friends, you know her "invisible rules" for school survival, from what to wear to which boy is the Most Vile. Ever since the day Zoë neutralized the playground bully, she has been the go-to gal for classmates and teachers alike. When a new girl comes to school with a "reputation," Zoë decides to help her fit in. But who will save Zoë when her coaching backfires completely? Zoë Monday Costello is a whirlwind who will pick up fans on the first page of this uproarious story, carry them effortlessly to its satisfying conclusion, and leave them craving another wild ride.

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She's in the Zen
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Reader reviewed by Julie M. Prince

Life can be tough, even when you have all the answers.
Zoe is the go-to girl for the whole school. Everyone seeks out her adviceeven teachers. Her reputation is as flawless as her hair is long and wild. But, can The Zoe Lama keep her record of perfect advice-giving, even when her own life is out of balance?

She adores her grandma, but Zoe isnt sure how much longer she can keep her out of the prison of the Shady Gardens nursing home. Especially if Grandma keeps showing up at Zoes school in footsie pajamas!

Convinced that the answer to her problems rests in finding an assistant slash husband for her busy and distracted mother, Zoe sets out to make Handsome Mr. Lindsay fall head over heels in love with her mom. After all, two capable adults could handle one memory-challenged grandmother, right?

Entering the world of Zoe Monday Costellos invisible rules to the universe is totally entertaining. From the fantastic and rotten Martin Smartin Granitstein to Zoes number two best friend in school (BFIS), Laurel, who only eats blue foods, Zoe is surrounded by characters nearly as unique as she is.

This was a quick, fun read that is highly recommended!
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