Gooney the Fabulous

Gooney the Fabulous
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April 30, 2007
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Mrs. Pidgeon has been reading Aesop’s fables to her second grade class. What’s a fable? Well, it’s a story that has animals as characters, and it teaches you something important, and . . . Once again it is Gooney Bird Greene who knows how to turn lessons into fun. She has an idea. A fabulous idea! What if each child creates his or her own fable, and tells it to the class? One by one Mrs. Pidgeon’s students create costumes and stories and morals and excitement. Everyone except Nicholas. What on earth is making Nicholas so unhappy? Leave it to Gooney Bird, of course, to help him solve his problem . . . in a truly fabulous way.

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Gooney is back and fab-u-lous
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Fans of Gooney Bird Greene are sure to welcome this third book to the series. If you havent met Gooney before, youll wish you had. Shes a seriously inventive, creative little kid with a knack for taking things over and making them interesting.

Her second-grade class is learning about fables (think Aesop) and Gooney has the bright idea for the class to invent new animal fables based on their first initial (Keiko performs one about kangaroos, Felicia Ann tackles flamingos, etc.). Everyone seems to be on board and having a great time, except for Nicholas.

No one can figure out why, since Nicholas is normally a really happy kid. Whats eating him? Of course, Gooney finally figures it out and she solves his problem with aplomb.

This is a fun chapter book where the conflict stays very minimal (and the kids seem awfully sharp for their age), but the creativity is high. Theres even a rapping second-grader whos probably got a better sense of rhyme than I do.

Recommended for ages 9 and up and for girls or boys. While Gooney is a girl, theres enough boy stuff going on that I think this one bridges any gender gap easily.
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