Abner & Me (Baseball Card Adventures #6)

Abner & Me (Baseball Card Adventures #6)
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March 15, 2005
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Cannons are blasting!
Bullets are flying!
Wounded soldiers are everywhere!

Stosh has time-traveled to 1863, right into the middle of the Civil War. In possibly his most exciting and definitely his most dangerous trip yet, Stosh has decided to answer the question for all time: did Abner Doubleday, a Civil War general, really invent the game of baseball?

It's all here: big laughs, dramatic action, fast baseball games in the middle of a battlefield. You'll be blown away by this sixth amazing baseball card adventure!

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Reader reviewed by DC

DC./September 27, 2007
Abner and Me/by Dan Gutman
Book Review

I recently read the book Abner and Me by Dan Gutman. The book was very entertaining and also very enjoyable to read. This book earned a high recommendation from me. If you have a love of baseball, knowledge of baseball legends, and would enjoy traveling through history, you will want to read this book.

This book is a fantasy about traveling through time to find the creator of the game of baseball. Joe Stoshack, the main character, is an average middle school aged boy whose passion for baseball comes through in Dan Gutmans writing. Joe is an avid baseball and baseball memorabilia collector who finds old baseball cards and photos of baseball players from long ago that magically takes him on journeys through time. The cards take him into the time of the U.S. Civil War and the book tells about his frightful experiences there. When he returns from his travels, he keeps his secret to himself. Only a few family members and his baseball coach know about his adventures. This time, Joes mother joins him to look for Abner Doubleday. Eventually, they find General Doubleday and discover the answer to their question.

There were many fascinating parts in this story, but the best part was when Joe gets a picture of Abner Doubleday in the mail. Joe is about to go back in time when suddenly his mom rips the picture right out of his hands. Joes mother told him, The only way your going to meet Abner Doubleday is if you take me. Joe said, Fine. So Joe and his mom traveled to 1863 to meet Abner Doubleday. They poof to 1863 and end up in a cemetery behind a tombstone, but they couldnt figure out why they heard sounds like bam and boom. Joe then realizes he is in the middle of the United States Civil War. They found a ditch next to them and Joe yells, RUN FOR IT. They meet some Union soldiers that are kind to the Stoshacks. Amazingly, Joe finds himself fighting in the war.

In conclusion, Abner and Me is well written and an all around winner. Dan Gutman wrote the book using great detail about baseball and history. I was excited when the author describes Joe playing the game of baseball and extremely interested in the facts about the Civil War. He gets two thumbs-up from me.
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