The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles

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An Amazing Book Filled with Tons of Surprises
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Reader reviewed by Gaby B.

        The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles, by Julie Andrews Edwards is a wonderful book that takes the reader to a magical world by using ones imagination. In this fantasy strory, three kids named Ben, Tom, and Lindy meet an old eccentric professor named Professor Savant at the zoo.  While the kids were talking about pets the professor piped in and said, Youll excuse my butting in, but if youre looking for something really unusual have you considered a Whangdoodle?.  The kids were amazed with this new silly word and even more stunned to find that a Whangdoodle was in fact a real creature.  Late, on Halloween, Tom dared Lindy to knock on the door of the house that all the kids thought was a haunted house where an evil witch was believed to live. To their surprise this was Professor Savants own house. He invited them to train with him to go to Whangdoodle land where the last Whangdoodle lives. The only problem is that the prime minister of Whangdoodle land will do whatever he can to stop them from getting to Whangdoodle land. The professor and kids will still try, and find lots of adventures getting there...

            The most important characters in this story are, Ben, Tom, Lindy, Professor Savant, and the Prime Minister, or Prock, of Whangdoodle land. The setting changes quite a lot, but mostly the characters adventure in Whangdoodle land.  The main storyline or plot is mostly how the children try to get to Whangdoodle land and their journey with the professor. Overall, the book is mostly about noticing things in your environment and in how using your imagination you can discover new things and places.   

Julie Andrews Edwards did  a good job of describing Whangdoodle by writing things such as, it seemed that the world was full of flowers, brilliant flowers that were orange and blue and yellow and white, but she could have perhaps done better telling who was talking at different times in the book. The reader has to really pay attention.  I think that boys and girls 10 years and up should read this book because it has some difficult words and you need a good imagination. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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