The Fairy's Return

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Shes baaaack&..
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Reader reviewed by Springhair

For those of you whove read The Fairys Mistake, youll have no trouble figuring out which fairy Im talking about. Now shes back, and shes going to help rather than hurt this time.

Robin and Lark have fallen deeply in love. The only problem is that Lark is a princess, and Robin is a bakers son. Both of their fathers are against the match, and Robin must perform 3 impossible tasks in order to get a chance to see Lark again. Meanwhile, Larks father has determined that the one young man in the kingdom who can make Lark laugh will receive her hand in marriage. Can Robin make his love laugh and win her hand? Taken after the fairy tale of the Golden Goose, the last of Levines Princess Tales is sure to please. Although this is not one of my favorite, it still has the humor and playfulness of the other books in the series. A great end!
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