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Cranium FunFolio
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September 06, 2006
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Cranium FunFolio books are all about YOU and the great things you can do! These one-of-a-kind books include plenty of fun activities, plus game cards, stickers, a portable Doodler pad, a Cranium marker, and a front-cover photo frame for personalizing your FunFolio. Each edition includes new adventures - you'll draw, act, play, laugh, and make your mark on every page. In Cranium FunFolio, kids will create a museum exhibit, design their own robot, and invent silly songs. In Cranium FunFolio: Family Edition, you'll work with your amazing family to build a time capsule, scavenge your house for fun finds, and even write your own movie script! When you finish all the activities in the book, you'll have an amazing keepsake that is unique and all your own - a treasure trove of wacky adventures and hilarious memories you'll return to time and again!

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It's ALL about YOU!
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Reader reviewed by Kim Peek

The Cranium FunFolio is all about you! The FunFolio is an activity book that comes with a handy carrying case. Each page is crammed with activities.

Inside you're asked to doodle, create, write stories, make lists, write poetry, describe your friends, sing, imagine and have fun!

The stated age range is 7 and up, but children 5 and up could complete these activities with help. I'm a huge fan of the Cranium games and activity books. The FunFolio books would make ideal presents, and are fantastic activities for long trips. They encourage reading, writing and imagination. And, it's all fun!
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