Switchers (Switchers #1)

Switchers (Switchers #1)
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May 20, 1998
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Tess is a Switcher -- she can take on the form of any animal she chooses. But she must be alone, as is true of all Switchers. Soon she realizes that Kevin is also a Switcher who has been summoned to save the Northern Hemisphere from being destroyed. And Kevin needs Tess's help to do it.

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Reader reviewed by Alexandra

Tess is a Switcher- a person who can change into any animal at the blink of an eye. Then she meets Kevin, another Switcher, who teaches her about the mechanics of their gift. Then she meets Lizzie, who has a lot to teach both of them. Throughout the series, Tess and Kevin learn exactly how much they can accomplish with their powers - and it's more than either of them thought. I don't always like science fiction and fantasy type books, but this somehow seemed not as out there as other series, and I definitely recommend them.
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