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Sometimes Angels aren't as Heavenly as You'd Think
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Reader reviewed by Krysten Weller

On the outside, Thomas Wisdom seems to have the perfect family. In fact, his family is so perfect that he begins to questions his surroundings.

He tells his best friend, Glip, about his concerns and Glip hacks into Mr. Wisdom's computer to look for clues that might explain why the family's behavior is so different. Thomas is worried that his dad might get upset if he were to find out his personal information was in the hands of strangers, but nothing prepares Thomas for what the computer files actually reveal. Thomas finds out that he was adopted. He begins to believe that is the reason he doesn't fit into the family.

However, something still bugs him about his family-something he can't
quite put his finger on. While on vacation, Thomas decides to follow his parents and sister to a conference and instead he stumbles across a factory-an angel factory.

His family realizes that they've been found out and they reveal that they are actually angels bent on saving humanity from itself. They implore Thomas to join them in their mission, called "The Project," but something holds him back from completely committing to it.

Thomas soon realizes that the angels are not what they seem and he looks for help. He realizes that he is not the only child that was adopted by angels in order to carry out this "project," and he becomes desperate to get a message out to the other adopted people whom have been chosen to carry out the angels' plans.

Soon it becomes apparent that the angels are everywhere. In fact, he finds out that even his dog and the President are angels. Thomas tries to find an outside source, but finds that even his closest friends are working on the wrong side. He has no friends or family members to turn to, so he decides to rely on a source whom he's sure is not an angel-his biological mother.

Thomas tracks down his mother who is working as a magician's assistant and who has made a lot of wrong turns in her life. His mother promises to hold on to all Thomas's files and to take them to the authorities if something happens to him.

Thomas even manages to outwit the decoy angel sent to thwart his efforts to expose the project. Thomas manages to stay one step ahead of the angels and he helps keep humanity's free will safe.

Terence Blacker has done an excellent job of creating a likeable everyday character in Thomas Wisdom. He is believable as a curious son who is able to outwit those wiser than him simply by relying on his instincts and free will.

While the plot is outlandish, Blacker manages to keep the story believable and possible. There are many twists in the intricately woven plot that lead you to a satisfying and heart- racing ending. This book will appeal to a wide range of ages and manages to convey the plot simply, but without "dumbing" anything down.

It is a fast paced read that leaves you questioning themes like free will and government controls. This novel is a must read for the summer.
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