Star Sisterz: Nova and the Charmed Three

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Will Poison Ivy ruin Nova's chance with Joe?
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It always makes me a tad bit nervous to review a book when I consider the author a friend. Happily, all the authors I know are excellent writers (lucky me!), so Ive got little to worry about. Nova and the Charmed Three, the fifth book in the Star Sisterz series, is by Tea Emesse&also known as Terry Miller Shannon, one of the generous and awesome kids book reviewers on the site.

Id taken a look at the first Nova book (Nova Rocks) awhile back and I enjoyed it, but I have to say I enjoyed Novas latest adventure even more. In this edition, Nova has fallen into her dream situation shes joined her crush Joe in a band.

Everything should be perfect&except theres Ivy. Or, Poison Ivy, as Nova tends to think of her. Ivys also in the band and she seems to really have it in for Nova. And she hangs all over Joe and he doesnt seem to mind! Nova finds her temper heating up nearly as hot as her red hair, which doesnt seem to be giving Joe a very good impression of her, no matter how hard she tries. Ivy just brings out the worst in her!

In every Star Sisterz book, the main character receives a magical dare. Whats Nova supposed to do this time to make her dream come true? Read your favorite book to your least favorite personin Pig Latin! Nova tries reading it to all kinds of people that shes not real fond of (including reading it aloud in class, which her teacher doesnt appreciate), but nothing seems to work until shes trapped with some time to kill with little Poison Ivy.

When she reads the book to her, Nova learns some things that turn her world upside down and change the way she looks at both Ivy and the band. Now she can truly rock out like shes meant to!

This is a quick, fun read with lots of humor and some great insights it will remind you to get the whole story before you make any assumptions. Recommended for girls aged 8 and up. Now, when do I get my dare? Im ready to become a Star Sister!
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