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YOUR Mess Is Nothin' Compared to This!
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Reader reviewed by Kim Peek

This stinky room is full of vermin and varmints&and possibly gnu poo. Dirty shirts stick to the walls. Monsters under the bed meet their demise after eating the occupants socks. When Mom and Dad inquire, Whats With This Room? their son claims the crud, the critters, the mold and the underwear hanging from the fan are educationalscience experiments and art.

The illustrations are outstanding. My second reading of this book was when my seven-year-old daughter read the book to me. Each time she turned page, she chuckled, hid the page from me, and said, Listen. Dont peek. This page is really funny. Full of rich language, beautiful word pictures and lots of humorous science illustrations, this book will be a favorite among teachers and children.

A moldy mess, an archaeological dig, a study of centrifugal force&suddenly that pile of dirty clothes on the floor seems rather lame! However, if you insist on making your child clean his or her room, be sure to check out Tom Lichtenhelds book What Are You Grumpy About?
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