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October 19, 2021
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A fun and clever cautionary tale for young readers by talented French author/illustrator Philippe Jalbert. Using a sequence of escalating events a mother warns a young girl what could occur if she touches a butterfly (hence introducing the chaos theory of the butterfly effect in an age-appropriate STEM-friendly way).

This picture book will delight the very young who enjoy suspense and allow children to explore the question they love to ask "and then what happens?" with increasingly dramatic effect.

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imaginative book of consequences
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AND... is a picture book that invites children to imagine the cascading consequences of a decision. A young child is reaching out to touch a butterfly. The mother warns them that if they touch the butterfly, it will fly away and make a petal from the flower fall, and that will land on a dung beetle, making them lose their ball of dung, which will fall into a river, and so on. It escalates until a whole bunch of things are rolling down the hill, taking everything with them including houses and buildings.

What I loved: This was quite an imaginative picture book that invites children to think of consequences to their actions and the many things that can happen as a result of each decision. The bright colors along with focused illustrations of each object are very attention-grabbing. With relatively few words on each page, this is a book that could move very fast, which works well for young readers.

What left me wanting more: I found the story theme a bit challenging in that it seems to be catastrophizing, particularly about something that would be out of a child's control (eventually, the butterfly would fly away and may cause that same issue?), particularly since they make a different decision, which also leads to the same consequence. This may be a difficult read for sensitive or anxious children, unless they understand also the absurdity of it and that small things they do would not lead to downstream total destruction. It may just need some additional discussion.

Final verdict: An imaginative story of consequences, AND... invites children to think of downstream events resulting from their decisions.
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