Kat Hats

Kat Hats
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February 01, 2022
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A wild picture book starring a world-renowned cat, his trainer, a cast of quirky characters from award-winning creators Daniel Pinkwater and Aaron Renier

Thermal Herman 6-7/8 is the top Kat Hat in Matt Katz’s company. A trained cat who is able to form himself into specialty hats, Thermal Herman is world-renowned for his warmth and agility. When a friend wanders off with a brain freeze and finds themself in peril, Thermal Herman must rush in to save the day in this zany and cleverly illustrated picture book, sure to make young readers giggle with every page.

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intriguing and quirky picture book
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KAT HATS is a unique and very quirky picture book. The book tells the story of Kat Hats, which is not a shop for hats for cats or hats that look like cats. Instead, the shop is a cat training facility where they train cats to act as hats, since most of a person's body heat leaves through their heads. When Old Thirdbeard arrives, he asks for help with finding his mother, Chickarina, who wandered up the mountain while eating a frozen fruitsicle, and it seems likely she had a brain freeze and got stuck up the mountain. Luckily, Thermal Herman 6-7/8ths has returned from Nepal where he warmed the head of the lead climber on a mountaineering expedition. He sets off in search of Chickarina to be the warm hat she needs to come back down the mountain.

What I loved: This is a really unique concept that keeps readers on their toes. This unusual style of storytelling will appeal to children who enjoy the absurd and unexpected. The illustrations are full of details that give children a lot to explore on each page. There are also multi-panel stories told across and around the pages. Anyone who has had brain freeze will empathize with the character who needs a warm rescue, and the warmth and delight of cats is present throughout the story.

What left me wanting more: The story was a bit hard to follow and took a few reads for me to understand what had happened and keep all the characters straight. It's very unusual, but once you get it, it is a very fun story.

Final verdict: A quirky and unique story, KAT HATS is a fun picture book read with detailed and fascinating illustrations sure to capture the imagination.
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