Zeus the Mighty: The Quest for the Golden Fleas (Book 1)

Zeus the Mighty: The Quest for the Golden Fleas (Book 1)
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October 22, 2019
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Greek mythology meets cute talking animals in this first adventure in a hilarious new middle grade fiction series, starring Zeus the mighty ... king of the gods ... ruler of minions ... HAMSTER, and the crazy crew of critters of the Mount Olympus Pet Center.

Welcome to the Mount Olympus Pet Center, which sits high on a hill in Athens ... Georgia. The owner, Artie, has a soft spot for animals that need a forever home, and she has rescued a menagerie of creatures, each named after a powerful god or goddess. But these animals aren't just pets with cool names ...

Meet Zeus, a tiny hamster with a mighty appetite for power. His cage sits atop a high shelf so he can watch the other pets from above. But being king of the gods is a tough job: You've got to issue orders and decrees, make sure to stay in tip-top shape by running on your exercise wheel, and most importantly, lead your minions on epic journeys. And Zeus the Mighty has one giant task in front of him: Find the "Golden Fleas" and solidify his position before the other gods rebel.

Get ready to laugh, cheer, and learn with this adorable and quirky cast of characters in their unforgettable first adventure -- a reimagining of the tale of the Golden Fleece.

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Zeus the Mighty comes through in the end
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Zeus the Mighty 1: The Quest of the Golden Fleas
What Worked: Zeus the Mighty and his friends are rescued pets at the Olympus Pet Center. In their minds, they are slaying great beasts and undergoing heroic quests to secure their right to rule when the store is closed at night. The storyline is multilayered with the illustrations greatly enhancing what the characters are doing. For example, the hamster, Zeus the Mighty has defeated the great sea beast, Charybdis but from the illustrations, we see that the great swirling whirlpool is from a toilet. Zeus’s character has a moral dilemma because he wants to get the “Golden Fleas” like Jason of the Argonauts to prove he is the supreme ruler of Olympus but his grasshopper friend, Demeter, is trying to protect all of Bugcropolis from a dragon (iguana) on the loose and needs her friend’s help. Zeus very begrudgingly realizes his friend comes first above his quest and learns enough to help his friend.
What Left Me Wanting More: Zeus’s character is flawed. He is arrogant and selfish for the majority of the story. He does experience character growth at the end to finally put his friends first. This may work well because the god he portrays would also have those flaws. He does do the right thing and does get what he wants in the end as well.
Final Verdict: I liked other books in the series a bit better, but it was still very cute how his mighty descriptions compared to what was actually happening. Once again, Greek mythology is weaved into the tale in a very fun way.
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