Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld

Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld
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November 09, 2021
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Shannon Hale and Dean Hale, the New York Times bestselling creators of Diana: Princess of the Amazons, team with artist Asiah Fulmore to explore Gemworld!

Amaya, princess of House Amethyst in Gemworld, is something of a troublemaker. She and her brother have great fun together until a magical prank goes much too far and her parents ground Earth! They hope a whole week in the mundane world will teach her that magic is a privilege...and maybe washing dishes by hand will help her realize the palace servants should be respected.

Three years later, Amy has settled into middle school and ordinary life. She doesn't remember any other home. So when a prince of the realm brings her home and restores her magical destiny, how will she cope?

Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld introduces a new generation to a fantastical place and a truly fantastic princess.

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delightful fantasy adventure
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AMETHYST: PRINCESS OF GEMWORLD is a delightful and engaging middle grade graphic novel. Amaya is the Princess of House Amethyst in Gemworld, imbued with the magic of her title, which she mostly uses to steal sweets and play pranks on the servants. After a colossal troublemaking scheme lands everyone in danger, Amaya is grounded - to Earth. On Earth, she won't have access to her powers and will have to lead a much more humble life. Her parents sent her for a week with their powerful chief mage. Her little brother Quartz gives her a special toy to help protect her.

Once there, Amaya realizes that life could be a lot more difficult, and with tenuous connections to the place they have left behind, she and Citrina, the chief mage, have lost contact for so long that they cannot remember Gemworld at all. It is now 3 years later and Gemworld has finally found her, returning her to the world she has forgotten - a world that needs her particular help.

What I loved: This was a really imaginative story, and I loved the world-building with the different ruling houses of gems. There are some great lessons about respect, appreciation, kindness, and standing up for what you believe in that resonate throughout the story, as well as adventure, danger, and kid power. While the adults do not always want to listen to kids, Amaya and her friends (from Earth and Gemworld) know that they have great ideas and are willing to stand up for what they believe in. This will definitely resonate with middle grade readers who may feel misunderstood or their ideas not fully respected like those of adults. I also appreciated that a seemingly random school lesson comes in handy later on, with a fun plug for the importance of learning.

The story is perfect for the middle grade level with a relatable heroine, fun characters, and a charming plotline with the right amount of danger, adventure, and magic. The graphic novel elements are done really well, with the right amount of explanation and a focus on dialogue that is clearly attributable to the speaking character. It flows well and focuses on the illustrations. The artwork is really fantastic with plenty of delightful characters, fun costume changes, and expressive faces. The details around Gemworld really bring it all to life, and the color scheme is perfect for Amaya and the House of Amethyst, evolving and changing alongside the story to capture the emotions and settings.

Final verdict: A charming and delightful middle grade fantasy adventure: AMETHYST: PRINCESS OF GEMWORLD is an entertaining graphic novel that is perfect for the intended audience. Highly recommend checking this one out and cannot wait to hear more from Amaya and friends.
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