Attack of the Zombots! (Bots #11)

Attack of the Zombots! (Bots #11)
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July 27, 2021
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Joe and Rob live it up with the ZomBots in this eleventh adventure in the hilarious Bots chapter book series.

Many years ago, scientists on Earth sent video satellites out to the end of the universe to see what was hiding in deep space. Now, years later, these satellites have begun sending their first videos back to Earth...and the stars of the show are two goofy robots.

Joe and Rob think they are ready for the Scare Dare Contest, but when they accidently read aloud a magic spell that calls the ZomBots, the two best friends must face off against a really creepy crowd!

With easy-to-read language and graphic novel art on almost every page, the Bots chapter books are perfect for emerging readers.

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A Little Scare and a Lot of Fun
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Attack of the Zombots! by Russ Botts is the eleventh adventure of Joe and Rob. In this adventure, Rob is on a mission to find what scares Joe on Scare Dare Day. A trip to the local junkyard produces a magic book and with the careless reading of a spell turns the town into Zombots. What results is a hilarious adventure through the town as the two friends try to find a safe haven and stop the Zombots before it is too late.

I really enjoyed this book! Cleverly written to engage the reader, Rob takes Joe on a walk around town trying to find something that will make Joe scream. The illustrations add so much to the dialogue in each panel. Rob and Joe are in their own bubble while the town seemingly falls apart around them. My 10 year old quickly picked up on this and snickered through most of the story.

Easy to read language and engaging illustrations on every page make this a fun read for newly independent readers. I have no doubt they will be asking for more of Joe and Rob after reading this adventure. Attack of the Zombots! will induce fits of laughter and maybe even produce a scare or two while readers follow Joe and Rob on their hunt for a scream.
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