T. Rexes Can't Tie Their Shoes

T. Rexes Can't Tie Their Shoes
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June 29, 2021
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A funny and encouraging alphabetic book about all the things animals CAN'T do but kids CAN! Every parent teaching their children new skills will be happy to have this super-positive picture book on hand.

Bees can't ride bicycles, penguins can't play ping-pong, and zebras can't go zip-lining. No one is good at everything, but that shouldn't stop you from trying! Here is a funny and encouraging picture book for any child learning how to tie their shoes, ride a bike, spell their name, or do a variety of new things.

Follow a hilarious alphabet of animals, and see all the things they can't do but kids can—from doing gymnastics to flipping pancakes to playing a xylophone. Along the way, young readers will learn that it's okay if they can't do everything; they can still have a LOT of fun trying.

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T. REXES CAN'T TIE THEIR SHOES is a delightful and giggle-inducing picture book trip through the alphabet of things animals cannot do. The book begins by setting the stage for children who feel like there are too many things they cannot do because they are too small by telling them that animals understand - there are a lot of things they cannot do as well. With rhyming text, the book then takes the reader through the alphabet of animals and the things they are unable to do, with plenty of silly and humorous scenarios.

What I loved: This is a charming alphabet read that does not heavily rely on the letters. Although it manages to give an animal and task for each letter, the focus is really on silliness, slipping some key letter words in on each page. As such, it will work well even for children who are too old for alphabet books. The rhyming text is a great touch that makes it really fun to read, and I appreciated the short phrases on each page that make it turn quickly, working well for toddlers through young elementary school aged readers. The illustrations are spot-on, using bright colors and bringing the silly scenarios to life. Particular favorites here are the vampire bat who cannot vacuum and has caught the rug, and the bee who cannot ride a bike. Plenty of giggles are sure to ensue.

Final verdict: Whether you have a child who is upset about their own limitations or one who just loves to laugh, this book is a great choice. Bright colors, rhyming text, and silly animal illustrations make T. REXES CAN'T TIE THEIR SHOES a delightful alphabet book about all the things animals are unable to do.
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