The Curse of the Crystal Cavern (The Pathfinders Society #2)

The Curse of the Crystal Cavern (The Pathfinders Society #2)
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July 13, 2021
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Fresh from their hair-raising adventures in The Mystery of the Moon Tower, Kyle, Vic, Beth, Harry, and Nate are now hot on the trail of something big! A secret staircase leads down into the unknown, setting them on an exciting chase for clues left by the wealthy explorer Henry Merriweather, who was rumored to have hidden away a priceless treasure. Are the legends real? Where will the five friends end up? And what dangers will they encounter along the way? Because as they've come to learn, everything comes at a price...

In this exciting graphic novel adventure series, richly illustrated by Eisner-award-winning artist Steve Hamaker, the Pathfinders go ever deeper into the labyrinthian Merriweather mystery--and hope they'll come out the other side!

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Kyle has settled in to life at Windrose with the help of camp mates and friends Vic, Beth, Harry, and Nate. The Pathfinders Society has created more questions than it has solved, and they are involved in another mystery as the town prepares for its annual moon festival. They have found a hidden staircase that takes them deep underground, as well as a glowing metal object whose use they can't identify. Disregarding the dangers, they voyage under their mysterious town and face a number of dangers. This gives them more information about Jacob and Henry Merriweather, who owned the land and the house where their summer camp is, and about Jonas Fairly, who started the local quarry on some of this land, to the detriment of some of the mysteries of the town. They manage to uncover more underground landscape, only to find that it is being threatened. When we last see our friends, they are burrowed deeper in the mystery than ever.
Good Points
I loved the green, gray, and blue palette of this one, as it highlights the underground locations and also ties in nicely with the moon theme of Windrose. The friends are easy to tell apart (which is not always the case in graphic novels!) because the cast is nicely diverse. Graphic novels are a good format for fantasy topics, since they can more easily show things that don't really exist. The small, glowing gadget and it's matching, larger mechanism is particularly interestingly drawn.

The back history of the Merriweathers is well developed, and the town seems to know some of this, while being unaware of more important parts that the children have to discover. They must work through clues (with the help of some adults, which is nice) to figure out what went on in the past and work through how this will impact the future.

Readers who can't get enough paranormal action and adventure like Ying's City of Secrets, Bunn's The Ghoul Next Door, Cooke's Paranorthern, or Gardner's Long Distance will enjoy following the Pathfinders Society's adventures. This will also appeal to fans of the Netflix versions of Brailler's Last Kids on Earth or the television show Stranger Things.
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