Everything is Mine

Everything is Mine
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March 02, 2021
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A kind, loyal dog learns that having a lot of things doesn’t always mean having what’s most important

“My name is Marcello Von Cauliflower Boneaparte Jackson and everything is mine.” Marcello is kind, clever, and very loyal. Unfortunately, there is one problem. He believes that absolutely everything is his. A slipper? It’s his. Pork chops from his owner Leo’s dinner plate? They are absolutely his. An entire park? Oh that’s his, too. Marcello (and his list of things that he owns) is out of control! Will Leo be able to remind him what is really important?

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EVERYTHING IS MINE is a silly picture book told from the perspective of Marcello Von Cauliflower Bonaparte Jackson. Marcello claims everything for his own, starting with one of the mother's slippers and escalating to the entire universe. All of it belongs to Marcello, as he is sure the reader will agree, and he is absolutely in charge of everything. That is, until he takes Leo's homework. Leo convinces him to trade it for a liver-flavored bone, and Marcello ends up deciding his most important possession is his friendship with Leo.

What I loved: This was a really silly read that children can certainly giggle about. Marcello is quick to claim everything as his own in dog style. His claims are juxtaposed with small interjections from a hot dog toy and other animals around. The illustrations are interesting with a unique look, and the use of color is really fun. The book is written in Marcello's first person perspective, which adds to the humor of the story.

What left me wanting more: As this is really a book about selfishness and sharing (or rather not), I would have liked to see more time and space devoted to learning about why everything cannot be yours and why it is important to share. The only thing Marcello is eventually willing to share is Leo's homework in exchange for something else, and I think it could have been more helpful for young children to understand why he can't claim everything and why it would be important to empathize with others and not take their things. These conversations can be held off the page, but it would be even better if they were in the text as well.

Final verdict: Overall, EVERYTHING IS MINE is a comical and silly picture book read about the selfishness of a dog. Would recommend for elementary school aged readers who can understand the nuance alongside conversations about empathy and the importance of sharing.
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