The Coldfire Curse (Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly #1)

The Coldfire Curse (Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly #1)
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February 02, 2021
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In the first installment of the exciting Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly graphic novel series, the scarlet dragon Ruskin’s bravery is put to the test when a curse threatens his kingdom.

As the pampered pet dragon of the Prince of Wrenly, Ruskin has never known life beyond the walls of the palace. Until the day a young dragon from Crestwood comes to the palace to plead for help. An evil curse has been unleashed in Crestwood and threatens to destroy all of Wrenly. Ruskin has a choice to make: stay safe at home in the palace, or try to help save his kingdom. For Ruskin, there is no choice. He knows he has to try and help if he can.

What Ruskin and his new dragon friends don’t yet realize is that the curse was awoken for one reason only—to put Ruskin in harm’s way. The mission to reverse the curse is far more dangerous than anyone realizes…in fact, it’s seemingly impossible. Why is Ruskin the target of these shadowy forces? And how far is Ruskin willing to go to save his kingdom?

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Ruskin's Adventures in Wrenly
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The Coldfire Curse by Jordan Quinn is the first book in her graphic novel series Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly which is a spinoff of her ongoing chapter book series The Kingdom of Wrenly. Following the scarlet dragon Ruskin, who hatched in book two of the series, the book will take you on a fast paced adventure quest perfect for newly independent readers.

Ruskin is a mischievous young dragon who acts more human than dragon. The pet of Prince Lucas, Ruskin is treasured by those at the castle and doted upon by all who meet him. Then Cinder arrives, a young dragon from Crestwood. She is searching for the dragon king who can stop the Coldfire Curse from spreading throughout the land. Instead she finds the legendary scarlet dragon who is her own age. How can he save them?

The illustrations are engaging, telling the story as much as the words do. While a bit under my son’s reading level, he still enjoyed it, devouring the book in one sitting as I imagine most kids would. This is a great introduction to the kingdom of Wrenly world as a whole, which I believe will serve the author well. As children age because they are familiar with Wrenly, they will be more likely to pick up those chapter books, especially those that enjoy Ruskin and his adventures.

Overall I highly enjoyed The Coldfire Curse. For those not familiar with Wrenly, it introduces you to the world and it’s main characters. Told exclusively from the dragons’ perspectives offers a unique take on the way you may perceive Wrenly. The dragons themselves are fun characters, youthful and outgoing. I’m excited to see what adventure they go on next.
Good Points
-Excellent introduction to the chapter book series
-Fast-paced adventure quest
-Perfect for newly independent readers
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