The Little Things: A Story about Acts of Kindness

The Little Things: A Story about Acts of Kindness
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April 27, 2021
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One girl’s simple act of kindness causes ripples in her community in this witty, heartwarming story about paying it forward

The day after a mighty storm, a little girl finds a sea star that has washed up on shore, and she returns it to the ocean. Seeing her small act of kindness, an old man heads to an animal shelter with his grandson to pick a dog in need of a home. His grandson feels inspired to help an elderly woman clean up her yard, which inspires a teenager to pack an extra lunch for someone in need, and on and on until each small gesture builds toward a magnificent conclusion.
Full of humor, heart, and proof of the generosity that we all have inside of us, Christian Trimmer and Kaylani Juanita’s story is a welcome reminder: It’s the little things that make a big difference.

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THE LITTLE THINGS is a charming and powerful story about the contagious nature of kindness. A little girl heads to the beach after a storm and notices so many sea stars have washed ashore. She rushes to help them back into the ocean, and as she is doing so, an old man asks her why she bothers when she cannot save them all. When she tells him each one matters, he takes this to heart and later takes his grandson to pick a dog that was displaced by the storm to save. His grandson expresses the same concern of being too little, and the grandfather tells him that it matters to the dog they save.

On the pattern of kindness goes until the next storm, when the little girl arrives at the beach to find everyone there already helping the sea stars.

What I loved: The message here is really great and shows a bunch of ways that people can help others. Beyond animals, the book also shows helping neighbors to clean up their yards, giving food to the homeless, and fundraising for charity. This book could definitely spark finding ways to show kindness in readers' own lives.

The way the book is written is also interesting, identifying people by a few random facts about them. For instance, the little girl is the one who thinks three ponytails are better than two and loves the feeling of wet sand between her toes. These sort of facts add a bit of whimsy and capture the people within in a unique way. The diversity of characters with different ages, skin tones, and facts is also really great.

The illustrations are lush and whimsical, capturing the story perfectly. They are a really lovely touch. I loved the colors and details throughout. The book would appeal to preschoolers through elementary school aged readers.

What left me wanting more: As a small point, the text itself is a little small but it is still readable, just not as easy when being read aloud or at a distance.

Final verdict: THE LITTLE THINGS is a charming story about the contagious nature of kindness and the power in seemingly small actions. This would be great in the classroom or at home, and especially in the context of giving back and being kind.
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