Raised in a Barn (Good Dog #2)

Raised in a Barn (Good Dog #2)
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December 15, 2020
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In this second book of the Good Dog series, farm puppy Bo, introduces a young foal to life on the farm.

There’s a new foal on the Davis Family Farm and Bo is excited to show her the ropes. But can a puppy teach a young horse new tricks?

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Good Dog chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.

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A Horse and His Dog
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It's a beautiful day, so Bo and his new friend, the colt Comet, decide to have a race. Comet gets distracted, and Bo wins, exulting just a little too much. Nanny Sheep takes him to task about being a good winner, and Bo apologizes. He also thinks that he should help more around the farm, so in order to make amends with Comet, he decides that he will show Comet how to be a "good horse". Of course, Bo knows little about being a horse, so he shows Comet things like rolling in the dust, which is not helpful, especially when Imani and Wyatt have to take Comet to a pony parade and have just groomed him! He also teaches Comet to chase off the evil squirrels, which ends up NOT to be a good thing. Comet's parents step in to let the two know that while Bo's teaching might not be great, Bo IS a fantastic friend. When Comet gets to the pony parade, some of the lessons from Bo end up being helpful in surprising ways.
Good Points
The illustrations by Ariel Landy capture the young animals' joy in racing around the farm yard, dealing with pesky squirrels and cats, and in doing a good job at the pony parade. There are illustrations on every page, which leads to the text being formatted in a great way for emerging readers. Each page has four to five sentences in 18 point font, and there's plenty of white space, which means the pages turn very quickly-- something young readers like to see!

Bo is such an enthusiastic and kind friend; when Nanny Sheep points out to him that he isn't kind about his victory, he really takes to heart how he treated Comet. While not all of his ideas work out, he always tries to do better and listens to people and animals who know more than he does, and adjusts his behavior accordingly.

Readers who have enjoyed other heavily illustrated animal tales, such as Dr. Kittycat, will enjoy reading about Bo and his adventures, and horse enthusiasts will want to add this book to add this to a list of horse books that includes Potter's The Sea Pony, Hapka's Ponies of Chincoteague, and Haas, Jessie. Bramble and Maggie.
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