Bear Bottom (Fun Jungle #7)

Bear Bottom (Fun Jungle #7)
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May 11, 2021
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Teddy Fitzroy, his family, and some other FunJungle employees have been invited to visit a bison ranch just outside Yellowstone National Park that FunJungle’s owner, J.J. McCracken, is considering purchasing. But as usual, trouble isn’t far behind.

The ranch’s endangered bison have been mysteriously disappearing. Then a massive local grizzly bear named Sasquatch breaks into the house, causing chaos. In the aftermath, Kandace McCracken discovers that her exceptionally expensive sapphire necklace has vanished.

Was it stolen? Or did Sasquatch eat it? (And if so, can it be recovered?) And what’s been happening to the bison?

With over a dozen suspects, it’s up to Teddy to detangle this hairy situation, before his family or friends—or any more expensive objects—become dinner.

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A Mystery at Yellowstone
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Teddy and his family, along with Summer and her family, head off to Yellowstone Park. J.J.McCracken is interested in buying a bison ranch owned by some friends, hoping to set it up like a prairie safari park. The owners approach Teddy to ask him to find out who is stealing the bison-- not an easy task! When Summer's mother arrives wearing a very expensive necklace, J.J. is not happy. When a local bear, named Sasquatch, breaks into the house overnight and terrorizes the occupants, Teddy is faced with another mystery-- who stole the necklace? J.J. is sure that it is the bear, and starts to try to locate the bear before he poops out the necklace. Teddy is not so sure. There are plenty of exciting (but not necessarily good!) things happening on the ranch, so Teddy has more than enough clues to consider. Will he be able to figure out who would be taking bison, and what happened to the necklace
Good Points
I'm with Gibbs-- branching out from the FunJungle location is an excellent way to keep the series fresh, and Yellowstone is a great location for readers to explore. The descriptions of the "tourons" (tourist morons) would be funnier if they weren't unfortunately true, but I love that there is a positive message about how to treat the planet and its fauna along with the mystery and humor.

I've always enjoyed that while Teddy and Summer have an age appropriate romantic interest in each other, they always act more like best friends. We see more of Summer's parents relationship than we do of Teddy and Summer's. I'd like to see more of their interactions, romance aside. It's interesting to meet new side characters, although I did miss some of the FunJungle cast and crew.

This will be in great demand in my library-- I already have die-hard Gibbs fans wanting to put it on hold, even though I won't have a copy until August 2021! Definitely another fun romp from an author who never disappoints.
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