I Am Not a Penguin

I Am Not a Penguin
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January 19, 2021
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This hilarious story of a pangolin with an identity crisis will be loved by fans of Penguin Problems and Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great.

Poor pangolin--he's trying to explain who he is, but all the other animals keep getting confused.

You have scales--like a snake? A long tongue--like a frog? A strong scent--like a skunk? You can roll in a ball--like an armadillo? And a name that sounds a lot like...penguin? We love penguins!

"No, no, no! I am not a penguin! There are no penguins here!"

But then, just when it couldn't get worse, a penguin arrives!!

What's a poor pangolin got to do to be understood?!

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fun picture book about pangolins
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I AM NOT A PENGUIN is a silly picture book that manages to teach young readers about pangolins. A pangolin is giving a presentation about himself, but all the other animals keep hearing penguin, much to their delight and his dismay. As frustration over the misunderstandings mount, the pangolin is ready to give up - only to find that he still has an interested audience member.

What I loved: This book teaches a lot about pangolins, an animal that children may be less familiar with. The book approaches the information in a really fun and silly way. The misunderstandings and confusion in the book are sure to make children giggle. As you probably also know some penguin fans, children are sure to empathize with the other animals - but hopefully they also learn about the cool animal with a similar name, the pangolin. Told primarily in speech bubbles, this can be a book that readers can really get into when sharing out loud. The way it ends, with finding the perfect audience, is a sweet note of finding your people and shared interests.

In more or less subtle ways, the book has themes about a need to listen carefully, to be kind, and the fun of learning new things. Although the book is overall silly fun, it manages to convey lots of cool facts about pangolins and other animals with similar abilities. Cartoonish illustrations and text that reflect tone add to the delight in reading.

Final verdict: A book about pangolins and misunderstandings, I AM NOT A PENGUIN is a delightful picture book read that is sure to give children some giggles. Recommend for preschool and elementary school aged picture book readers.
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