I Really, Really Need to Pee!

I Really, Really Need to Pee!
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June 08, 2021
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The perfect book to teach children the importance of that last-chance trip to the bathroom before leaving home!

Bush Baby is in a jam. He didn't need to go to the bathroom before he left home - but now he needs to and right away! Uh-oh! But what will he do if there's just nowhere to go? A funny tale of determination and self-awareness.

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silly fun picture book about needing to pee!
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I REALLY, REALLY NEED TO PEE! is a silly picture book about a bush baby that is out and about when he realizes he needs to use the bathroom. The bush baby rushes to all the places he can think of to use the bathroom, but other animals are already there! Eventually, he finds the line to the bathroom and manages to make it until the relief of having gone. He plans never to forget to use the bathroom before leaving home again.

What I loved: The bright colors and fun animals throughout this book add to the fun of the read for young children. The book includes some strategies for holding it, like thinking about other things (as long as you don't think of a waterfall), and an important lesson about using the bathroom before heading out. The book has some light rhyming and is a quick read that will definitely create some giggles.

The universal experience of needing to go without having an easy way to do so is one that will resonate with readers. Great for potty-training children on up through elementary school aged readers. The large and clear font is easy to read, and there is a relatively low amount of words on each page, making the pages turn as fast as readers would like.

Final verdict: I REALLY, REALLY NEED TO PEE! is a silly fun picture book read about the experience of needing to go. With lots of cute characters and funny scenarios, this is sure to produce some giggles!
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