Looking for Sleep

Looking for Sleep
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March 16, 2021
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Once upon a sleepy forest, there was a not-so-sleepy wolf. No matter what he tries, he just cannot fall asleep. "Sleep must be hiding!" Wolf decides. "I'll just have to go and find it!" The perfect bedtime book for little ones who just can't fall asleep!

When wolf cannot fall asleep, he embarks on a journey with his friends to look for sleep -- from dens to burrows and everything in between. Will they ever find sleep? Or will they discover that it's sleep that needs to find them, after all?

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LOOKING FOR SLEEP is a charming and sweet picture book, featuring a wolf who is searching for sleep. Wolf is having trouble sleeping, so he decides that sleep must be hiding. He sets off in search of it, coming across Badger, who joins him in his search after Wolf woke him up, thinking he had it. They are later joined by Hedgehog, who was singing a lullaby, which meant that sleep must be near. Finally, they go to ask Owl for help in finding sleep - and Owl helps to give them some good advice about finding sleep.

What I loved: This is a lovely story about elusive sleep, with plenty of tips slipped in along the way. The adorable animals featured in the detailed illustrations make this a fantastic book for young children to enjoy. The muted colors and nighttime scenes make for a great bedtime book. The story is silly cute, and children will enjoy the funny search for sleep, and the encounters that Wolf has along the way. With a great story and illustrations, this one is a win for preschoolers and young elementary school aged children.

What left me wanting more: As a bedtime book, the story is fantastic, but some of the black font is printed on deep blues that make it difficult to read in low bedtime light. The text is nice and large and otherwise easy to read - as long as you have plenty of light!

Final verdict: Sweet, charming, and with lovely illustrations, LOOKING FOR SLEEP is a great bedtime picture book choice for preschool through elementary school aged children.
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