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August 17, 2020
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Just in time for Halloween! Find sundry novelties, flaps, facsimiles, and more in a haunting—or is it haunted?—volume that gives new meaning to the term ghost writer.

Have you been hearing strange footsteps and knocks, whispers and rattling chains? Perhaps the early-twentieth-century author of this newly discovered tome has some secrets to share. Within the book’s weathered pages you’ll hear of a headless French pirate in search of his missing noggin, a vanishing pair of young trickster twins, a ghostly woman who screams for attention, and other communications from the “fun side.” Readers who wish to plumb the mysteries of the paranormal will find some hands-on challenges to lift their spirits, along with tips on a range of spectral subjects, such as what to pack in a ghostologist’s field kit, how to distinguish the types of ghosts, the best ways to hunt them, and spotting the unfortunate fakes and frauds. Too bad the late author never got to see her guide find its way into the world! But wait—what are those strange and scratchy asides that appear in odd places throughout the book?

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This is a fun, spooky guide to those who want to know about the world of spirits, ghouls, and hauntings. Inside this interactive volume there are facts about mediums, hauntings, and some famous hauntings. I really enjoyed the little tidbits throughout. Some ghostly info I didn't know about include such things as the hauntings of battle fields like Culloden, Scotland and how to know if a ghost is in fact 'fake'.

There's a timeline of ghost history that begins in 2000 BC with the ancient Babylonians. Different types of ghosts that include tricksters, famous ghosts like Anne Boleyn, who is rumored to haunt the hallways of her rival Jane Seymour's Hall, a poltergeist, and noisy ghosts.

There's a list of what is in a ghostologist's field kit. Inside this kit you can find a sketchbook, cameras, ghost power, and divining rods.

Also included are how to find a ghost, the world of psychics and mediums, and of course fakes and frauds.

Engaging guide to the world of the paranormal that is complete with interactive pages.
Good Points
1. Fun, spooky guide to the world of spirits, ghouls, and hauntings
2. Great facts
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