A Story for Small Bear

A Story for Small Bear
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October 13, 2020
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In this sweet, lyrical picture book, perfect for bedtime, a playful cub prepares for hibernation, saving just enough time for Mama to share a story before they must settle down.

Autumn is ending and a chilly breeze is drifting in, which can mean only one thing-- it's time to hibernate over the long winter. But before Small Bear does, she'd like for Mama to tell her some stories. Mama agrees, with one condition: all the preparation must get done-- no dilly, no dally. So Small Bear tries to be good, venturing off to find sprigs for her winter bed, splishing and splashing in the stream, and climbing up, up, up into the tall forest trees in search of acorns. When she finally returns home, Small Bear snuggles down with Mama in their den. Did she make it back in time? "You did," Mama answers, and pulls her in close. And then Mama tells the most wonderful tale of a little bear--just like Small Bear--who, while enjoying the world around her, saved just enough time for stories.

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beautifully illustrated book about love and focus
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A STORY FOR SMALL BEAR is a beautifully illustrated picture book about saving time for the things that matter. As Small Bear and Mama get ready to hibernate for the winter, Small Bear wants to hear one of her mother's stories. Mama will tell her a story if she finishes all the things she needs to get done before they hibernate with enough time. Small Bear tends to dilly-dally, so she must stay focused on her tasks and get them done with enough time left over for Mama's story. The book ends with a sweet snuggle as Small Bear and Mama settle down for a story before sleep.

What I loved: The illustrations in this book are really gorgeous with full page colors and muted tones that are perfect for bedtime. Small Bear diligently goes about her tasks while also reminding herself not to dilly or dally to save time for the things she really values - stories with her mother. This is a sweet book about parental bonding, bedtime, and staying focused. The refrain of "no dilly, no dally" is a fun way to suggest staying on track. With a lyrical tone that flows smoothly in the story, this is great for soft reading at bedtime to lead into sleep. The amount of text on each page is perfect, making sure the pages don't turn too quickly or too slowly.

Final verdict: A fantastic bedtime story, A STORY FOR SMALL BEAR conveys messages of love, focus, and making time for the things that matter. Highly recommend for Small Bears that need some help to stay focused and love to snuggle.
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