Special Delivery

Special Delivery
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September 15, 2020
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A lovely book to share with children in an expecting family waiting for their own new arrival. --MY SHELVES ARE FULL

Fun premise, humorous illustrations, and a great time all around. --BOOKROO

When you're waiting for a new baby, expect the unexpected! Today is a very special day. Little Duck is expecting the arrival of her new baby brother! But Delivery Dude keeps bringing the wrong babies. First a baby mouse, then a dog, a cat, a walrus, a giraffe and finally a baby elephant. ‘These babies are NOT my brother!’ shouts Little Duck – but Delivery Dude insists that he never makes mistakes. Little Duck’s house is filling up to the rafters when the doorbell rings again. ‘NO MORE!’ shouts Little Duck, but thankfully this time Delivery Dude is followed by his Stork boss, a load of very cross parents who have come to collect their babies, Little Duck's Mom and Dad... and one last very special delivery... . Kruszynski’s simple but expressive illustatrations capture the anticipaton and frustration of the little duck to hilarious effect.

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SPECIAL DELIVERY is a delightfully silly picture book. A little duck is eagerly awaiting the delivery of her baby brother. However, then the delivery person arrives, he brings a baby mouse. Duck tells him that he's made a mistake and that is not her brother, but he informs her that he does not make a mistake. He leaves and soon arrives back with another baby who is not her brother. As he keeps returning with new baby animals, Duck is getting frazzled. Finally, after several wrong deliveries, the manager Stork appears, bringing the parents who were awaiting their little ones, and delivers the correct baby to Duck.

What I loved: This is a simple but silly story that is sure to make kids giggle. The book is written in dialogue, and so it is a fun opportunity for different voices while reading. Children will enjoy the baby animals and the mistakes that the delivery turtle is making. There is also an underlying message about not being overconfident and checking your work for mistakes that is a solid lesson learned by Turtle.

The text is easy to read and quite simple throughout, with lots of repetitive words, great for early readers. This is a silly book with a lot of charm and baby animals that will appeal to little ones.

Final verdict: Silly fun, SPECIAL DELIVERY is a cute picture book about making mistakes and family.
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