The Bread Pet: A Sourdough Story

The Bread Pet: A Sourdough Story
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August 14, 2020
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"Cora promises to keep Uncle JB's Bread Pet alive but didn't anticipate its exponential growth! She needs to come up with a solution -- and fast! Includes sourdough starter and sourdough bread recipes"

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fun baking-related story
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THE BREAD PET is a cute story about Cora, whose favorite uncle asks her to take care of his sourdough starter while he is out of town. He shows her how she needs to feed it twice a day and feels like he is forgetting something. Cora dutifully feeds the bread pet, but it begins to grow and grow. She is soon running out of space, and her mothers are growing wary of all the space it needs. They brainstorm solutions, including baking bread and bringing to the community center. Finally, Cora has a great idea - she will bring the starters to the community center and teach people how to keep their own bread pets alive.

Once she is there, the adult helping run the class says that you can keep it in the fridge to slow the growth - then her uncle realizes that was the instruction he forgot!

What I loved: This is a colorful and whimsically illustrated story with a simple storyline. I loved that Cora took her extra bread and bread pets to give to others who could use it. This pay-it-forward approach was great. I also love that the book includes recipes in the back for children who want to create their own starters and bake sourdough bread. Cora and her bread pets are delightful. I also loved the inclusion of a family with two mothers.

The length of the story is great for preschoolers through elementary school aged readers, and I appreciated the completion of the story with the uncle remembering that crucial step to keep the bread pet under control, a nice comical moment at the end. It definitely inspires the reader to start their own bread pet and make some delicious bread.

Final verdict: A whimsical and cute story about bread pets, THE BREAD PET is also a story about sharing, family, and making bread.
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