It's Only One

It's Only One
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September 29, 2020
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A story about how good citizenship and a little consideration can make our world a joyful place for all.

Sunnyville is the perfect place to live, until one day Rhino tosses a candy wrapper on the ground. "What?" he says. "It's only one." But soon, others start throwing their trash on the ground, too, and it begins to pile up. Giraffe doesn't want to look at the garbage, so he picks a flower from the park to brighten his home--but then everyone picks the flowers, and now there aren't any left. Soon things become messier, noisier, and grumpier. Can anyone save the day?

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picture book that encourages children with small actions to have a big impact
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IT'S ONLY ONE is a cute picture book that shows the importance of taking personal responsibility for being considerate. Sunnyville seemed perfect, until one day, Rhino tossed a piece of trash on the ground, thinking that it was only one. However, other animals followed suit until the ground is covered in trash. Giraffe decides to look at something prettier by picking a flower from the park, thinking that was only one - of course, it wasn't. Soon all the animals are picking lots of flowers until there is none left. Penguin then decides to play a song in the park to cheer himself up, and soon all the animals are playing loud music.

Mouse is so annoyed and decides to make one small change - planting a flower. It reminds everyone of the way Sunnyville used to be. As the other animals again follow suit, they can take charge and change their town for the better.

What I loved: This book has a simple and clear message about personal responsibility and consideration. It comes across throughout the story. The repetitive nature of the text makes this a great book for young readers, and a low word to picture ratio also makes this great for young children or those who really enjoy illustrations. The pictures here are fantastic with lots of color and animals that make each page fun to look at and dive into the details.

What left me wanting more: In scenes where Sunnyville is getting more chaotic, there are scenes of animals being physically mean (for instance ones hitting the others on the head) and destructive (for instance, an animal smashing a boom box with a mallet). These add to the chaos and depiction of inconsideration, but may not be great examples for children as the message is conveyed without these inclusions.

Final verdict: IT'S ONLY ONE is a fun picture book that shows children how they can make a difference with a small act - for better or for worse. With great illustrations, this picture book conveys a clear message asking the reader to take responsibility for their actions, as it is never only one.
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