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August 01, 2020
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PEEP! A duckling breaks through its shell and immediately attaches itself to the first thing it sees―a warmhearted young boy.
The newly hatched duck follows the boy home and soon the two are inseparable. But the duckling is growing up. One day…QUACK! When a flock of ducks flies by the boy realizes with a great pang of sorrow that his friend will have to return to live among its own kind.
Kevin Luthardt’s deceptively simple story poignantly and humorously dramatizes the special tale of friendship and demonstrates the importance of learning to let go of something you love.

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board book told through pictures
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PEEP! is a board book that relies on illustrations to tell a story. A duckling hatches and sees a boy right away. He follows the boy home, even though he tells the duckling to stay. They play together and have lots of fun, until one day it is time to take the duckling back to the duck pond. The boy is sad, missing the duck until he hears some mewing from behind a tree. Soon, the kitten is following him home.

What I loved: This is a story that the reader interprets for themselves. If the pages have words, they are often peep or quack, and the story really happens through the illustrations. A lot can be conveyed just through the illustrations, and this board book has appeal for children who like to interpret the story for themselves.

What left me wanting more: This book can be a bit more challenging for toddlers, who prefer a solid storyline. The basics are conveyed, but it leaves a lot to be questioned and interpreted. It's not a fun book to read aloud for this reason and because most of the words are just sounds, so it doesn't have that roll-of-the-tongue story feel. The illustrations are just OK but they definitely have their own style to them, which will appeal to some more than others.

Final verdict: PEEP! is a board book that will suit children who like to explore stories by themselves with the focus on illustrations and a simple storyline to follow.
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