The Ninja Club Sleepover

The Ninja Club Sleepover
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July 21, 2020
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We are ninjas and ninjas are brave!

Willa and her best friends love ninjas. They have matching ninja backpacks and ninja t-shirts, and at school they even form a ninja club. But Willa has a secret: she’s a werewolf! Worried that no one will understand, she hides the truth from her friends. Until Val has a sleepover for her birthday…and it’s on the night of the full moon.

Willa is overcome with nerves. When an accident reveals that her friends were hiding secrets too, she realizes maybe it’s not so important to be a normal ninja. After all, a paranormal ninja can do so many cool things!

Join three remarkable friends as they discover that ALL of us are weird in our own special ways. Lovable and lively illustrations accompany this charming story that explores facing your fears and fitting in, encouraging readers to celebrate their true selves.

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clever and delightful picture book with important lessons
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THE NINJA CLUB SLEEPOVER is a great picture book for elementary school aged readers that explores friendship and feeling different. Willa and her two best friends are part of a Ninja Club, where they pretend to be ninjas- who are undeniably brave. For her birthday, Val has invited the Ninja Club over for a sleepover, but Willa is nervous. She has never had a sleepover before, and she is feeling uncertain about that fact that she is a werewolf. She worries about what her friends will think if they find out. Her mother reassures her, and she heads to the sleepover, reminding herself that ninjas are brave, even if she thinks werewolves can't be ninjas.

At the sleepover, Willa tries to avoid the moonlight, but soon, she realizes that she does not need to be afraid, as her best friends are her friends through and through. Everyone has things that they worry about and make them stand-out, and sometimes, these can even be great!

What I loved: This is a really cute read that tackles some important issues, such as friendship, feeling different, and courage. The length of this book is perfect for elementary school aged children and the illustrations are full of colorful fun. These topics will really resonate with this age group and have some great lessons about acceptance and being true to yourself. Ninjas and werewolves are definitely cool and add a nice touch of the paranormal to make for a unique and fun read. I also love the diversity of skin tones among the main characters, and the way the book tells a whole story- great for older picture book readers.

Final verdict: With important topics and charming illustrations, THE NINJA CLUB SLEEPOVER is a delightful picture book that teaches young readers about acceptance, being different, friendship, and courage. Definitely recommend picking this up for elementary school aged readers.
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