TURBO Racers: Escape Velocity

TURBO Racers: Escape Velocity
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February 25, 2020
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The Fast and the Furious meets Transformers in the second book of this high-stakes series about twelve-year-old Mace Blazer, who pilots state-of-the-art vehicles that transform seamlessly to race on the road, in the air, and even underwater.

Mace Blazer is the world’s hottest TURBOnaut. Compared to the other ‘nauts, he drives faster, dares harder, and pulls the craziest stunts. Since he won the Gauntlet Prix and revealed that he’s only twelve, the world has been screaming Mace’s name.

Now nothing—not even his friends and family—can hold Mace back from becoming the greatest racer of all time.

But when Mace suffers a nearly fatal accident while behind the wheel, he loses the nerve that made him the best. He’s done with driving fast. He’s done with TURBO. Until he finds out that his two best friends have mysteriously disappeared as part of a sinister plot that could destroy not just TURBO, but the world. Mace has no choice but to buckle back in, swallow his fears, and race to save the day.

In the thrilling sequel to TURBO Racers: Trailblazer, Mace will have to decide if he’s willing to risk everything to save the sport, and the people, that he loves. Every morph matters in this heart-pounding, exhilarating adventure series by acclaimed author Austin Aslan.

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TURBO RACERS: ESCAPE VELOCITY is a fast-paced, high-stakes adventure. Mace Blazer is a TURBOnaut, a high-speed vehicle racer. He recently let the world know who he is- a 12-year-old who took the world by storm. He feels pressure now that people know his age to keep winning so that they won't prevent him from competing. In professional racing, the fans do matter. Then, Mace is on set and gets into a dangerous accident that lands him in the hospital. If it hadn't been for the air bag, he could have died, not to mention the people around that he could have hit.

Mace is not sure he wants to keep racing and he is struggling with post-traumatic stress and anxiety, reliving the accident in his head. However, his friends who race are in danger, and Mace must help them.

What I loved: This book really brings the heart-pounding races to the reader with plenty of intense racing scenes. The main character and his friends are all really compelling and make for a great read. Targeted at the middle grade audience, this book would be great for fans of vehicles and competitions. The elements of post-traumatic stress felt really well and could open the door to important discussions about trauma and anxiety. This could be a great series for fans of action/adventure to pick up!

Final verdict: ESCAPE VELOCITY is a fast-paced, high-stakes adventure with TURBO racing and memorable characters. Great for middle grade readers who love competition, action, vehicles, and a touch of mystery.
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