Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep: Baaad Hair Day

Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep: Baaad Hair Day
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June 30, 2020
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If you've ever wanted a perfect reason to say: You've pulled the wool over my eyes—it's here! It's a brand-new picture book adventure with Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep that's perfect for kids who love animals, laughter, and screwball comedy!

Meet Sheep: Sheep loves styling her full and fluffy wool—but when it grows too full and too fluffy, it covers her eyes, and that's when she trips over things—ouch! Luckily, it’s shearing day. But Sheep doesn’t want to give up her fabulous curls! Can Sheep Dog convince Sheep that a haircut is for the best?

Eric Barclay writes and illustrates these irresistible tales and always hits all the right notes. Kids howl, parents and teachers howl, and even the coyotes howl!

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humorous picture book about haircuts
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SHEEP DOG AND SHEEP SHEEP: BAAAD HAIR DAY is a comical picture book about haircuts. Sheep has lovely curls that she loves, but they are starting to get too long. Sheep begins to trip over things and cannot see where she is going. Sheep Dog tells her she should get sheered, but she is too afraid. That is, until a "water chicken" (duck) tells her that her hair will grow back.

What I loved: There are some really humorous scenes in this book, where Sheep is styling her hair, dealing with hair too long, and then hiding from Sheep Dog. To add to the humor, Sheep calls the ducks "water chickens" which will definitely make young children giggle. This could be a great segue to getting their own haircut, particularly for children who are reticent.

The length of the text is great for the target age audience, and Sheep and Sheep Dog are delightfully illustrated throughout the book with plenty of colors and fun details.

Final verdict: A humorous way to encourage haircuts, HEEP DOG AND SHEEP SHEEP: BAAAD HAIR DAY is a fun picture book that will appeal to young readers.
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