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June 09, 2020
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From Benji Davies, the award-winning creator of The Storm Whale and illustrator of the Goodnight Already! series, comes a heartwarming and tender tale about courage and growth, featuring a special tadpole named Tad.

Tad is small. In fact, she is the smallest almost-a-frog in the whole, wide pond. That makes it hard for her to do big things like follow her tadsiblings who swim to other parts of the pond when they outgrow the nest.

As her tadbrothers and tadsisters swim up, up, up, they leave poor Tad by her lonesome. That’s until...Big Blub shows up! He's not only bigger than Tad, but Big Blub isn't exactly what a tadpole would consider friendly.

Swimming at her own pace, Tad soon learns how to to be bigger than her fears. Benji Davies creates a memorable and timeless tale that proves sometimes the mightiest creature comes in the smallest package.

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engaging picture book about feeling small and growing up
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TAD is a colorful and engaging journey into the water, as we follow Tad, a tadpole. Tad lives with her brothers and sisters in the water, where they fear the big fish, Big Blub, who wants to eat them. As the tadbrothers and tadsisters change and begin to become frogs, Tad changes a little slower until the she is only one left. Just when it seems Big Blub will get her, Tad begins to change and loses her tail as she heads to the surface to be with her brothers and sisters as a frog.

What I loved: The illustrations here add a touch of whimsy and magic to the life of a tadpole. The book does a great job of discussing the lifecycle/transformation of tadpole to frog, although the main focus is on the story. This is an encouraging book for children who feel small or left behind and suggests that they too will come into their own with time. The writing flows smoothly, and the text is large enough that it is easy for caregivers to read aloud. This could also be a great book for classroom discussions about frogs/tadpoles and similar lifecycles with the added interest of a fictional story and compelling character in Tad.

As a small note, the book may be a little scary for sensitive/younger readers, but it would be great for the elementary school crowd.

Final verdict: This is an interesting story about a young tadpole and the desire for growing older. Tad is a sweet book with colorful and whimsical illustrations that will appeal to young children.
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