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June 09, 2020
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From the critically acclaimed author of Float comes a new whirlwind adventure about a pair of kids who must break all the rules of time travel, perfect for fans of Gordon Korman and John David Anderson.

Regan Fitz and Elliot Mason have been enemies since they started training to become Glitchers—people who travel through time to preserve important historical events. But everything changes when they find a letter from Regan’s future self, warning them about an impending disaster that threatens them and everyone they know.

Will they be able to set aside their past in order to save the future?

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Regan has been identified as someone who has the ability to "glitch", or travel through time, and is a student at the Academy run by her mother for such people. Glitchers train to be able to stop the Butterflies, who are evil agents employed by Mayhem to go back in history and change events. Regan messes up a lot during the simulations, but she has an uncanny knack for spotting Butterflies. Elliot doesn't get along with Regan-- her thinks she is snotty because her mother is in charge, and he resents that she doesn't work harder academically. It doesn't help their relationship when they both receive a "Cocoon" in Regan's handwriting-- a letter from Regan's future self that's aim is to change the future. This is just what Glitchers try to prevent Butterflies from doing! When the two have to work together, they think their simulation is a disaster, but they are asked to participate in a special Lewis and Clark academy that trains Glitchers with complementing powers and skills to work in tandem. The school for this is not located on the elusive island where the Academy is, but is in a super secret location inside a mountain. Regan and Elliot are the youngest team, and have some early success, mainly due to their Cocoon. When a disaster strikes the Academy, the two have to go on a real mission. Will they be able to save Glitchers from the evil attempts of Mayhem? And should they?
Good Points
There are not a lot of newer time travel books aside from Scarrow's Time Riders, Gutman's The Flashback Four or Welford's Time Traveling with a Hamster, although Messner's Ranger in Time and the classic Scieszka, Time Warp Trio books are good for younger readers. The best ones (e.g. Owen's excellent Here, There Be Dragons) make my brain hurt. Glitch is a much more accessible title, with great characters and a lot of action.

The best part of any time travel book is the different eras in which the characters land, and Regan and Eliot get to visit several different time periods. There is also the ever popular trope of saving the world from disaster, and this addresses this nicely as well.

The most important thing for a time travel book, for me, is to establish a reasonable vehicle for time travel without over explaining it. This does that perfectly. Not only that, but the travelers are given a mission, and are fighting against evil. It is also notable that the faculty don't time travel any more; it's just children. The simulations are interesting and bring up various points of history, like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911, which is my favorite horrible historical event. (We all have one, right?) Fans of this author's fantastic Hoax for Hire will find this a good choice.

I would make an excellent Glitcher-- I would totally have called the inconsistency in 1970s hairstyles. I would, of course, need an Elliot who was better than I am at dates.
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