The Deceivers (Greystone Secrets, #2)

The Deceivers (Greystone Secrets, #2)
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April 07, 2020
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The second book in the Greystone Secrets series from the master of plot twists, Margaret Peterson Haddix—perfect for fans of A Wrinkle in Time and The City of Ember! This middle grade novel is an excellent choice for tween readers in grades 5 to 6, especially during homeschooling. It’s a fun way to keep your child entertained and engaged while not in the classroom.

Until their mother vanished, the Greystone kids—Chess, Emma, and Finn—knew nothing about the other world.

Everything is different there. It’s a mirror image, except things are wrong. Evil. Their mother tried to fix it, but she and an ally got trapped there along with Ms. Morales, their friend Natalie’s mom.

Now the four kids—brave Chess, smart Emma, kind Finn, and savvy Natalie—are determined to rescue everyone.

To do so, they have to go back: into the other world, where even telling the truth can be illegal.

But in such a terrifying place, Chess doubts he can ever be brave enough. Despite all her brains, Emma can’t seem to break the code. With everything spiraling out of control, Finn has to pretend he’s okay.

And for Natalie, the lies of the other world include some she wishes were actually true. What if she’s gotten so used to lying she no longer knows what to believe?

The second book in the Greystone Secrets series, The Deceivers, by bestselling author Margaret Peterson Haddix, continues the twisty and suspenseful story of the Greystone kids and examines the power of the truth—or a lie—to alter lives, society, and even an entire reality.

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charming and clever middle grade sci-fi/fantasy
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THE DECEIVERS is an action-packed middle grade aci-fi/fantasy that follows the Greystones and their friend Natalie as they work to save their mothers. Their mothers seem to be missing, but the children know that they are trapped in an alternate dimension or a mirror world. The children must work together to save their mothers. The story is told from the perspectives of each of the Greystone children, Emma, Finn, and Chess, as well as Natalie, which gives it a unique flavor.

What I loved: The world and characters are all really well-built. Each of the children is unique and with their own roles that makes them compelling, and I loved the sibling bonds. The plot includes plenty of riddles/thought experiments that are really intriguing and make this a very clever read. The Other world adds a really unique and adventurous element that keeps the plot moving quickly. I love the sci-fi elements to the alternate dimension and how it is connected to our own. I also love Emma's intelligence and creativity in problem-solving combined with the other siblings and Natalie- an unstoppable team.

Final verdict: Intriguing and clever, THE DECEIVERS is a great middle grade sci-fi/fantasy that would appeal to fans of A WRINKLE IN TIME, THE GAUNTLET, and THE JUMBIES. These fantastic characters take readers on an unique adventure, and I recommend reading the series in order to understand it fully.
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