A Sprinkle of Spirits (Love Sugar Magic, #2)

A Sprinkle of Spirits (Love Sugar Magic, #2)
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January 07, 2020
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Leonora Logroño has finally been introduced to her family’s bakery bruja magic—but that doesn’t mean everything is all sugar and spice. Her special power hasn’t shown up yet, her family still won’t let her perform her own spells, and they now act rude every time Caroline comes by to help Leo with her magic training.

She knows that the family magic should be kept secret, but Caroline is her best friend, and she’s been feeling lonely ever since her mom passed away. Why should Leo have to choose between being a good bruja and a good friend?

In the midst of her confusion, Leo wakes up one morning to a startling sight: her dead grandmother, standing in her room, looking as alive as she ever was. Both Leo and her abuela realize this might mean trouble—especially once they discover that Abuela isn’t the only person in town who has been pulled back to life from the other side.

Spirits are popping up all over town, causing all sorts of trouble! Is this Leo’s fault? And can she reverse the spell before it’s too late?

Anna Meriano’s unforgettable family of brujas returns in a new story featuring a heaping helping of amor, azúcar, and magia.

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charming middle grade fantasy
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A SPRINKLE OF SPIRITS is the delightful second book in the LOVE SUGAR MAGIC middle grade series. Leo is a brujita, a bruja in training, and she is eager to learn from her mother and aunt, whose powers manifest in different ways. She works at the bakery where they bake desserts with a touch of magic alongside her older sisters.

One day, she wakes up to find her deceased Abuela in the house. Although she is not sure, she assumes she must have accidentally cast a spell to bring her back. But then other spirits start showing up, and they know that they must figure out a way to send them back.

What I loved: The magic woven throughout the book is really delightful, and even though there are some mishaps and sisterly disagreements, the whole family shines with love. There is some conflict about Leo balancing her friendship with Caroline with her duties to magic and family- but do they have to be at odds? Caroline is a true BFF, and that friendship is built throughout the pages. It is nice to see a friendship that does take some consideration and thought, showing how strong relationships are built. It was also interesting to hear about Caroline's personal conflicts over her recently deceased mother who was Costa Rican and trying to navigate a world where she feels like she has lost that heritage with her mother.

Leo herself is absolutely charming, and the book has some very funny moments alongside more serious ones. Although there are ghosts and spirits, this is not scary and so can appeal to a wide age range. The magic, world-building, and characters are all really well done in this book and series.

Final verdict: A great choice for someone looking for some magic (and new recipes in the back), A SPRINKLE OF SPIRITS is a delightfully charming second book in this middle grade fantasy series.
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