Up and Down Mom

Up and Down Mom
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April 15, 2020
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Living with Mom is a bit like a roller coaster ride. At times, she is excited and full of energy, but at others, she is tired and withdrawn. But she's always my mom, and we're sharing the ride. For children who grow up in the care of a parent who has bipolar disorder, life can be filled with anxiety and uncertainty. With the aid of a clear and simple information spread, this story helps us to understand the causes of bipolar disorder and how we can learn to live with someone who has it. Developed in close consultation with families who have a parent with bipolar disorder, and created in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust.

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well-researched book about bipolar disorder for children
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UP AND DOWN MOM is a really well done picture book about having a parent with bipolar disorder. The book manages to capture the feeling of both the ups and the downs, the treatments and therapies, medications, and the important point that although your parent may have challenges, they still love their children.

The book also includes more information about bipolar disorder at the end that really make this a great educational tool. The illustrations are color and depict the situations well.

What I loved: The book does a great job of describing the ups and downs of bipolar disorder as well as the treatments and tools that can be used to help the person who has it and the people who love them. In the book, the mother sometimes goes for in-patient treatment, sees a therapist, and has medications. As a family, they also see a family therapist and have friends and family who can step in when needed. These descriptions of how the disorder can seem as well as the treatments are really fantastic, and make this a broad education taught at the child's level.

The illustrations are well done and portray the emotions as well as the love between child and parent. This is very well researched and can be a great tool to help explain bipolar disorder to children, whether a parent or another person in their lives.

Final verdict: Well-researched and taught at a child's level, UP AND DOWN MOM does a great job of presenting bipolar disorder and its treatments. Recommend for any child who may want to understand bipolar disorder in more depth.
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