The Boy and the Wild Blue Girl

The Boy and the Wild Blue Girl
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April 14, 2020
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Inspired by the work of wind pioneer Poul la Cour, The Boy and the Wild Blue Girl is the imagined story of the invention of wind turbines, featuring themes perfect for Earth Day.

Everyone thought the wild blue girl was a nuisance.

Everyone, that is, but Poul.

This is a clever and inspiring story of how curiosity and observation can bring about change in the world.

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cute story about wind and turbines
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THE BOY AND THE WILD BLUE GIRL is a cute story about wind and wind turbines. Although loosely inspired by Poul la Cour, a Danish scientist who is known for his work with wind power, this book is really something unique. Poul lives in a town where people are bothered by the Wild Blue Girl who gusts through and messes everything up, even when trying to be helpful. Poul decides to come up with a way to show everyone how special she is by building a wind turbine.

What I loved: This is a whimsical read with plenty of colors. The book takes place equally between the brief text and the illustrations, which are full of color and really lovely. It almost seems like a fairytale with the magical text and accompanying pictures.

What left me wanting more: The story is fairly brief, and it takes a read to realize that the Wild Blue Girl is the wind. Children may not easily make this connection, and while inspired by Poul la Cour, the book is not a biography. It could merely inspire interest in the topic, which could then be researched elsewhere.

Final verdict: Overall, this is a cute story about the wind and noting its power. While it does not make clear biographical links, it stands on its own as a whimsical story inspired by the wind and turbines.
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