Star Wars: Jedi Academy: Attack of the Furball

Star Wars: Jedi Academy: Attack of the Furball
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September 03, 2019
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As told through a mix of comics, doodles, and journal entries, it's a new year at Jedi Academy! Christina Starspeeder made it through her first year at the advanced Jedi Academy . . . Barely . . . And year two isn't looking any easier! Christina still apprentices under Jedi Master Skia Ro while enduring the non-stop sass from droid Q-13. But this year, she has to balance her studies with constant travel, accompanying Skia Ro on non-stop trips to new worlds full of cool creatures. And those cool creatures are the start of all Christina's problems this year.

When working on the planet Cholganna, Christina falls in love with a baby nexu - a cat-like creature who's fluffiness is impossible to resist. But when she sneaks the nexu - named "Fluffernut" - back into the dorms, Christina slowly begins to realize why it's never a good idea to take wild animals for pets. Fluffernut begins growing and growing - she'll eventually grow to be 14 feet long and 3 feet tall! Plus, she's chewing up EVERYTHING in sight. And if that weren't bad enough, a mysterious bounty hunter seems to be on her trail, trying to steal Fluffernut back. Can Christina escape this jam without getting thrown out of Jedi Academy? Or will this be the end of her Jedi Academy career?

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A Not-So Little Furry Friend
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Have you ever tried to sneak a pet home past your parents? Did you think you could keep that pet hidden? Inevitably something happens, that pet is found, and you are in big trouble. This is the lesson Christina Starspeeder must learn in book eight of Star Wars: Jedi Academy, Attack of the Furball. Each book in this series is unique and fun, keeping your Star Wars lover reading, even those that may not like too. A mix of comic panels, journal entries, and news bulletins provide a variety and stretch the imagination of young readers while providing fun illustrations to move the plot along. Christina is the older sister of Victor who features as the main character in books 4-6 of the series and the protagonist of this book. While on a mission, Christina falls in love with a nexu (think giant cat-like creature) and sneaks him back to the academy with her. One mishap leads to another, and Christina has to learn a hard lesson. 9 year old loves and approves!

Final Thoughts: Attack of the Furball encourages young readers to keep reading with fun illustrations and an action-packed plot.
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