Milo and Monty

Milo and Monty
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April 15, 2020
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Milo and Monty are very different dogs. Monty enjoys hugs and noisy playtimes, but Milo prefers to avoid people and hide in a cosy, quiet space. One day, during a family reunion, Milo finds cousin Henry is hiding in his special space. Like Milo, Henry finds hugs uncomfortable, dislikes loud noises, and has a favourite toy that he takes everywhere. A heartwarming story about family and the small changes we can make to accommodate the needs of others.

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charming book that conveys some important concepts about accepting differences
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MILO AND MONTY features two very different dogs, whose family must discover the special ways that they can connect with each. Monty is very affectionate and loves to play with other dogs in the park. Milo is anxious/nervous, and he doesn't like to be hugged or be around loud noises. The family worries that Milo is not happy. However, once they realize how Milo likes to interact and find his own quiet spaces, they realize that he is happy, even if he shows it differently.

What I loved: This is a cute story about how different animals (or people) have their own needs and own ways of interacting with the world. While some may make sense to others, all are equally valid. These messages are conveyed softly through the story of these two dogs, but it will certainly speak to children. This is a great way to introduce the topic to children in a way that they can easily grasp. This could definitely spark conversations about ways in which they are unique and/or others and how to respect and appreciate those differences. The parallels are clear with cousin Henry, whom Milo finds hiding in his favorite quiet spot. The two enjoy the party from that location.

The illustrations are very cute and convey the story well. The book has the right ratio of text-to-pictures, making it great for preschoolers and early elementary school-aged children. The lessons within are also really valuable and portrayed using dogs, animals that children really enjoy and understand.

Final verdict: With lessons about appreciating differences, MILO AND MONTY is a cute picture book that captures some important concepts.
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