Keith Among the Pigeons

Keith Among the Pigeons
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April 15, 2020
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Keith is a cat, but he'd rather be a pigeon. He loves to watch them and learn their ways, but they won't let him get too close. Will Keith ever make friends with the pigeons and learn how it feels to be one? Will he ever find out who he really is and feel comfortable just being Keith?

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book about self-acceptance and being true to yourself
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KEITH AMONG THE PIGEONS is a sweet picture book about being true to yourself. Keith is a cat, who does many of the things cats do, but he really loves pigeons and wishes he could be one of them. He tries to make his way with the pigeons, but they are reluctant to accept him. He eventually paints himself with feathers and is happily among them. However, it rains, and his costume washes away. The pigeons leave him, and so he tries to be the perfect cat, but he is not happy. Eventually, he learns not to be cat nor pigeon, but simply Keith.

What I loved: The illustrations here are really fun with a cartoonish quality that has its own appeal. The story has some excellent messages about being true to yourself, embracing qualities that make you different, and accepting yourself for who you are. The story is brief, but the messages come across really well and will speak to children who feel different or like they don't fit in.

What left me wanting more: The story is a bit too brief and makes some leaps that are not conveyed in the story (for instance, even though the pigeons left, they later accept him without much discussion). I feel like this could be an even more powerful story with some additional context or Keith fully accepting himself without the pigeons telling him that it was OK first.

Final verdict: Overall, this is a cute story that conveys the message that it is OK to be different and just to be who you are.
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